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What is Outsider Art

Outsider Art is also known as phantastic, raw or visionary art. In 1945 the French artist Jean Dubuffet recognized that extraordinary art work was being created by individuals, often socially maladjusted and with no art training, who worked outside the mainstream of Western art, and who were as much obsessive as creative. He named their art form ‘Art Brut’. The term ‘Outsider Art’ was first used by the British scholar Roger Cardinal in 1972.

Outsider art environments or visionary environments can be found throughout the world. Individuals are inspired to build highly personalized homes or living areas, often combining architecture, sculpture and landscaping in ways contrary to local traditions or building codes. Such environments may take decades to complete.

There is an increasing awareness of Outsider art, especially in the USA and Europe and organizations have formed in recent years to preserve Outsider art and support its creators - although the ways in which outsider art and artists could or should be approached remains controversial.