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Exhibition Two Worlds Outside: Nukain Mabusa and Joshua Samual,
2006. Winthrop University Galleries, Rock Hill, South Carolina. USA

Exhibitions and Publications

Exhibitions which have included photographic images of Nukain Mabuza’s Stone Garden

The Stones Revisited, 1992, Pretoria Art Museum.
The Right to Hope: Five South African Artists, 1995, Johannesburg Art Gallery.
Panoramas of Passage: Changing Landscapes of South Africa, 1995/6, Meridian International Centre, Washington D.C., USA; University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.
Nukain Mabusa: Road Painter Artist, 2001, Barberton Museum, Mpumalanga.
Two Worlds Outside: Nukain Mabusa & Joshua Samuel, 2006, Winthrop University Galleries, Rockhill, South Carolina, USA.

Publications which have included photographs, articles or information on Nukain Mabuza and his art

Clarke, JFC. 1999. A boulder vision, in The World of Interiors, May, edited by Min Hogg, London.
Clarke, JFC. 1994/5. The stone garden of Nukain Mabusa. Raw Vision: International Journal of Intuitive and Visionary Art, no 10, Winter.
Clarke, JFC. 1992. The Stones Revisited-Nukain Mabusa. Pretoria: Leopardstone Private Press.
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Oberholzer, O. 1989. Southern Circle. Another pictorial journey. Johannesburg: Jonathan Ball Publishers.
Townsend,T. 1983. The Mhlahla Stones. PAM Bulletin, vol 17, no 2, April.

Television: documentary productions which have featured Nukain Mabuza and the Stone Garden

SABC documentary film made for television which specifically focused on Nukain Mabuza. Broadcast in mid 1970s, present status unknown.
Television Series: SABC 2 TV A Country Imagined, 2010, presented by Johnny Clegg. Episode 12: Mpumalanga - Coming Home.

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